Tired of the Car Sales rat race?

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Most F&I Managers start in Car Sales.

And most of them were worn out with the rat race of finding new customers, day in and day out.

If you are tired of prospecting for new customers, walking the lot with tire kickers and making the walk back and forth to the tower on a daily basis – We have an opportunity for you!

F&I Managers don’t prospect – Customers are brought TO THEM. F&I Managers don’t deal with tire kickers – Customers are ALREADY SOLD when they meet them. And the gravy on top? Many F&I  Managers earn in excess of $150,000 per year.

But before you can switch from Sales to F&I, general managers and dealer principals want to know that you’re serious.

That’s where we come in. Our training teaches you what you need to know about F&I Management and provides you with a Certificate showcasing your achievements with our program.

The result? YOU are a step ahead of the competition.

Think about it. The new F&I gig comes down to You and another person who didn’t receive training … Who do you think is going to land the gig?

YOU! Of course.

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Behind The Scenes

Intro to FMT

The New Age of F&I

How Important is Online F&I Learning?

Online learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by up to 60%

  • Online Learning
  • Traditional Learning

Every dollar invested in Online training results in $30 of productivity

  • Dollars Returned On Investment

Save up to 70% by replacing in-person training with Online Training

  • 70% Savings by using Online Training
  • In-Person Learning


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