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Our drag & drop F&I Menu allows you to customize every part of the F&I Menu for maximum profit potential.

the F&i menu in 2021

Times have changed. So should your F&I Menu.

If your F&I Menu looks like it's from the prehistoric era, perhaps your customers feel the same way. It's time we fixed that. Introducing the GeniusMenu™ by Finance Manager Training.


Drag & Drop F&I Menu

Drag & Drop your F&I Products into columns on the F&I Menu. Adjust colors. Edit package names. Add a "most popular" badge. Change the menu format. Re-calculate the amount of packages. Add a risk meter. The possibilities are seemingly endless!


Try different formats

Some F&I Managers love the traditional horizontal column layout. Others swear by the 4-square method. Newer generations are starting to love the "chart" style of F&I Menu. With GeniusMenu™ you don't have to choose. Try them all!


Profit Tools

We changed the F&I Menu landscape with what we call "Profit Tools". Simply drag these tools onto your menu to create special effects that are engineered to draw your customers attention and increase your PVR. Experiment with each of them and use what you find works best in your dealership.

How we help

Dealership F&I Menu Software. Built for 2021.

If you already have an F&I Menu that you love, that's great! Don't fix what isn't broken. But if you're curious what else is out there, feel free to give our F&I Menu a try. Who knows, you may just love it!

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