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Introducing: The "Right To Know" F&I Tool

This tool takes under 10-seconds per customer and has the potential to dramatically increase profit in the F&I office.

What does it do?

Your customers have the right to know about their manufacturers warranty. And you have the right to profit.

So we asked ourselves: "How can we merge these two facts into one comprehensive tool that can help F&I Manager's across the nation?" What our engineers came up with is nothing short of fantastic!

Right-To-know F&I tool

Just enter the VIN & Miles

That's all it takes! Simply copy & paste the VIN number of the vehicle your customer is purchasing, along with the current miles and term of their loan. Then click "Submit". Easy peazy, lemon squeezy.

Right-to-know F&i tool

Inform consumers and create opportunity

Within 1 second, the tool will generate a fully comprehensive worksheet that details the manufacturers warranty that comes with your customers new vehicle. It also highlights areas of concern, including lapsed coverage and the amount of time they will be making payments without protection.

RIGHt-To-KNow F&I Tool

The time saving, F&I profit making, all-in-one F&I Tool

We weren't kidding when we said it takes less than 10 seconds. Once the worksheet generates, simply press "print". Use this worksheet as a tool to segue into your F&I Menu. Or send it home with your customer if they choose not to purchase one of your valuable products. They may just come back after seeing the protections they are missing out on!

How we help

A robust F&I platform, built with intelligence

In a market full of software that does the exact same thing, we asked F&I Managers "what do you really need?" And then we made it.

Simplified Menu Creation

Drag & drop F&I products. Adjust packages. Play with color options. Add tags & features.

Free To Try

Our software is 100% free to try. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Track Performance

Create goals, watch trends, find out which products you struggle with the most.

Beautiful Charting

From consumer worksheets to tracking performance, use our charting to increase PVR.

Faster transaction approval

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Support available 24/7

Chat with us on our website, Call us at 855-212-1765, or send us an email

Our one and only focus is F&I. For too long, dealerships have relied on software that claims to do it all. Service, Sales, Marketing, F&I, you name it. But one size rarely fits all. We believe that specialty software is the future of profitability and that is what we provide.

ryan Daniel
President, FMT
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