F&I Flame Award Fire Club

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What is the FIRE Club?

The FIRE Club is an exclusive group that have been members of Finance Manager Training for at least 12 consecutive months.

All FIRE Club Members are presented with a personalized engraved flame award, cut from flawless crystal, and a special diploma, signifying 12+ months of continuous study.

Members of the FIRE Club are comprised of men and women that are dedicated to the pursuit of ongoing training, development, and growth in the F&I field. They have put time, effort and resources into the pursuit of:

  • Increasing their Income and PVR.

  • Increasing the number of Products sold per deal.

  • Increasing profit for their Dealer.

  • Smashing former finance department records, month by month

  • Referring other F&I Manager to join the cause.

  • Remaining ethical.

  • And becoming so darn good that they’re virtually unfireable

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