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Let's talk about F&I Certification

When you receive your “F&I Certification”, a company or organization is confirming that you have been trained and passed all requirements involved in their program. In other words, they are certifying that you successfully completed the training, courses, tests, and quizzes that you were challenged with.

The requirements for certification vary between organizations and may not be the exact same. There is no set standard that all organizations must follow.

FinanceManagerTraining.com requires our students to complete ALL courses, as well as earn an 80% or higher grade on all quizzes and tests before a student will be awarded certification.

By earning your F&I Certification, you are showcasing to future employers that you care about your career and have taken steps to train and become a better manager.

It is important to note that F&I Certification is not required by most dealerships. In fact, a large percentage of Finance Managers are NOT certified. In addition, F&I Certification is NOT a government recognized status.

F&I Certification is meant to give you the advantage of adding an achievement to your resume that may give you the upper hand in tightly contested job interviews and show that you take your career seriously and that Dealerships should take you seriously as well.

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