F&I Training Schools Review

Looking for a one-stop guide to the best F&I schools? If so, you came to the right place.

Interest in F&I management is high and competition is fierce, so we’ve compiled a list of F&I training schools and programs available to help you beat the competition!

  1. Finance Manager Training

WHO: Finance Manager Training is an online F&I program for dealership professionals. F&I managers don’t have too much time to drive around and sit in a classroom, so the Finance Manager Training ensures that every step of the process is perfectly executed in an online form to maximize learning.

TUITION: $99 per month for individuals, or a one-time fee of $997 for lifetime access. Dealerships have the option to enroll five managers for $299 per month.

TRAINING: Enrolling in the F&I program allows students to access multiple tools and training videos that will teach you everything about dealerships, financing, management, and other essential aspects of F&I manager role. The program also involves a private training group where you can communicate directly with trainers.


  • New members get access to the base course first
  • New lessons are released every week
  • The base course consists of a dozen lessons and supporting materials
  • Laws and regulations
  • Example closes
  • Menu presentation
  • Frequent testing to track students progress
  1. Automotive Dealership Institute F&I Program

WHO: The Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI) was founded in 2004 in Arizona, and it works as a licensed training program which offers both classroom and online instructions in finance, management, and insurance within the auto industry.

TUITION: $12,000 – including all materials.

TRAINING: Their curriculum was developed to provide knowledge and much-needed F&I education in all subjects associated with duties of F&I manager. These include lender relations, deal structuring, laws, selling process/objection handling, internet department management, and dealership operations in automotive, motorsports, and recreational vehicle dealership. Although based in Arizona, the program is available for students and aspiring managers from other states too as state laws have minor differences only.


  • Hours of supervised lab time on F&I software
  • Frequent testing to track student’s progress
  • Four weeklong modules
  • Classes start monthly, Monday-Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm
  1. Reahard & Associates Online F&I Training Program

WHO: Reahard and Associates is a company that provides F&I training, consulting services, and online training programs.

TUITION: Various options available – $640 per month, $760 per month or a one time cost. Prices depend on the program you choose

TRAINING: An F&I training program designed to provide the consultative selling skills to maximize your profit opportunities and enhance customer experience. The 10-step program utilizes a consultative and non-confrontational approach to help you learn all about selling F&I products. Upon completion of the program, F&I managers are able to discover customer needs quickly, generate more profit, and so much more.


  • Pre-training guide and assessment test
  • Individual performance review
  • Interactive classroom instruction
  • Daily consultative selling exercises
  • Homework assignments
  • Laws and regulations
  • 24/7 access
  • More than 106 modules
  1. Dealer F&I University

WHO: Dealer F&I University was founded and led by Shaka Dyson. The primary objective of this training school is to teach both beginner and advanced F&I managers what it takes to succeed.

TUITION: 12-month individual virtual training is a one time cost of $900 or $99 per month. 24-month dealership virtual training is $495 per month or 12-month dealership virtual training for $695 a month.

TRAINING: The program is specifically designed to help beginner and advanced F&I managers get better results. To become a great F&I manager you need new, modern skills, training, knowledge, and abilities and this course is crafted to make it happen.


  • Training, testing, and certification onsite
  • Advanced testing tracking certification
  • Free access to webinars and training within selected term

Other F&I training schools


Nowadays it has become easier than ever to find an F&I training school. All you need to do is to get informed and opt for the one that matches your budget and needs or preferences. People with hectic lifestyle may benefit more from online courses.










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