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Working as a car salesperson brings many challenges your way. This is the type of a job where everything you do, think, or say can make or break the deal.

Since your goal is to increase sales and become better at what you do this post will help you out.

Sign up for a car sales training course

In order to work at a car dealership, one needs to have some experience in sales, great communicational and organizational skills, and knowledge of company’s policy, law, together with a desire to evolve continually.

A great way to become a better car salesperson or to improve your skills is to sign up for a course or training program.

Today, these programs and schools are numerous. If you don’t find an ideal school in your area that’s not a problem as many training courses are available online.

In fact, online training schools are incredibly practical because you don’t have to drive and sit in a classroom to get all the courses, tests, and certification.

Listen to your car sales customers

Selling a lot of cars requires great social skills. Hopefully, you’re a people’s person; You know how to talk to people and what to say in order to present a certain vehicle as the perfect option for a potential customer.

But, this job isn’t just about talking.

You also need to listen. The importance of listening is greatly underappreciated in this industry. The best way to close the deal is to listen to what customers have to say and ask questions that will help you determine the best vehicle to offer or qualities to emphasize so they want to purchase it.

One size doesn’t fit all

A common mistake that many car salespeople make is treating all deals the same way. Every car buyer is different and so are the deals.

Look through the history of deals you made so far and you’ll notice it’s impossible to find two deals that are identical to one another. People have different reasons to buy a vehicle, budgets, finance options, needs, and preferences.

Once you stop trying to fit all customers into a single box a whole new world will open up.

Patience is a virtue in car sales

If you were to ask customers who bought a car recently (or ever) about things they didn’t like about their car salesperson they’d probably say “he (or she) was way too pushy”.

Many vehicle salespeople are, indeed, pushy mostly because they repeat a common mistake believing that in order to close the deal they need to behave in that manner. Buying a car is a big decision and customers need some time to think.

To close the deal successfully, you need to be patient, give them time to think and avoid coming across like you’re just pushing it.

Never Lie

Customers have a lot of questions and it’s your job to answer them. The key is to learn everything you can to avoid surprising questions.

When you’re prepared for every scenario it’s easy to answer their questions. But sometimes you may get a question to which you don’t know the answer.

When that happens it is better to say you will find out something for them than to lie. If a customer believes or realizes that you lied, then they may not consider buying a car from you anymore.

Don’t bad mouth other dealerships

Let’s be honest, customers want to buy a car and learn as much as they can about different models before making a decision. The last thing they want to hear is you bad mouthing other dealerships.

If you focus more on telling bad things about other dealerships, instead of providing useful information about cars, then customers might think you’re trying to hide something.

Plus, chances are they’ve already visited some of those places and they would have purchased a vehicle if they wanted.

Other things for successful sales

  • Know your product
  • Explain how a buyer can benefit from purchasing some car
  • Look customers in the eyes
  • Collaborate closely with other departments in the dealership
  • Be realistic, avoid saying things that customers want to hear
  • Keep your desk clean
  • Attend car sales training seminars, webinars, and workshops regularly, you can always learn something new
  • Keep up with trends


Car sales training is an ongoing process. It’s not just about attending a workshop or seminar from time to time, you need to stay on top of things regularly.

Trends change, new developments occur and you need to stay updated.

Car sales training also involves correcting mistakes that you involuntarily make when describing a vehicle or talking to customers. Attending online courses is always a great idea.


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